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Recent White Papers, Research Reports and Articles from Grail Research include:

China Outbound Tourism Market   
Grail Research Report
Highlights the opportunities and trends associated with growth in the Chinese outbound travelers markets
Private Labels 2.0 Leveraging the Recession for Growth   
Grail Research White Paper
The report looks at the growth of private labels in recent years and at some of their most successful marketing strategies. It also presents a set of recommendations for national brands to protect their market share against private labels
The Rising Middle Class Africa   
Grail Research White Paper
Closer look at the emerging Africa middle class which highlights the drivers behind its growth, potential opportunities in specific sectors and include a profile of the average African middle class consumer.
Building the Great Wall of Africa   
South African Journal of Marketing Research (SAJMR)
Robert (Bob) Gogel
The South African Journal of Marketing Research (SAJMR) published an article by Integreon's Bob Gogel on a strategic approach to leveraging the presence of China in Africa, as the region's middle class consumers emerge on the global economy.
China Healthcare Reform: Past, Present & Future   
Grail Research White Paper
Explores the drivers behind China's healthcare reform, the affects that each stage will have on the industry and potential opportunities and challenges for industry players as a result
New Players in Healthcare   
Grail Research White Paper
Looks at some of the recent deals involving non-traditional players in healthcare and explores what market factors are aiding this shift as well as highlights what benefits are to be gained by both the new and existing healthcare players
The India Start-up Ecosystem: On the Cusp?   
By Rob LeBlanc, Harvard Business School
Report on the early-stage venture capital market in India and how it compares to the US environment, supported by primary research conducted by Grail Research
MIST: The next big thing or just hot air?   
Grail Research White Paper
Explores the factors driving growth in the MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea & Turkey) countries, highlighting industries with potential opportunities as well as challenges to conducting business in these regions
Big Data Just Got Bigger   
Grail Research White Paper
Examines the changes in the Big Data market, highlighting how some businesses are already utilizing Big Data to their advantage, and point out current opportunities in this space
E-Commerce - Three Big Questions   
Grail Research White Paper
This white paper highlights the three key questions businesses should ask about their e-commerce strategy if they are looking to innovate with specific channels to attract consumers
2012 Executive Insights: Europe   
Grail Research White Paper
Based on interviews with industry thought leaders in Europe, this white paper provides a 'temperature reading' on the issues executives are facing, as well as insight into the broader dynamics of the market and economic climate
How Consumers Perceive Luxury Brands in China   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of consumer perceptions of luxury brands in China
Mobile Social Networking in MENA   
Grail Research Report
Examines the mobile social networking market in the MENA region, highlighting expected growth and potential untapped opportunities in the market
The Groupon Effect - Harness the Behavior, Not the Deal   
Grail Research Report
Explores the daily deal market, highlighting its impact on consumer behavior and the implications for established consumer brands
The East African Community (EAC)   
Grail Research White Paper
Outlines the current state of the East African Community and highlights the potential investments opportunities in this region
The Green Evolution   
Grail Research Report
The report is based on a nationwide survey of US consumers and provides insights into how the green market has changed since our 2009 report as well as highlights areas for success in today's green market
Consumers of Tomorrow - Insights and Observations About Generation Z   
Grail Research Report
Examines Generation Z and the defining traits and trends of the age group. Provides insight into the implications for companies trying to target this unique generation of consumers
Cloud Computing Trends: At the Horizon’s Watch   
Grail Research White Paper
Based on the interviews with 20 cloud experts, this report provides a synthesized view of who cloud customers are and what is driving them to adopt
Navigating the Cloud: Insights and Guidance from Cloud Connect 2011   
Grail Research White Paper
Provides insights from the 2011 Cloud Connect Conference held in Silicon Valley
Cloud Computing: Fact versus Fog   
Grail Research Report
Explores the current state of cloud computing, obstacles to business adoption and expectations for the future
Green: The New Color of Luxury   
Grail Research Report
Explores recent sustainable practices within the luxury industry and presents a framework for companies to use when evaluating their efforts in this space and considering sustainability as a strategic initiative
2010 FIFA World Cup Mobile Survey: Public Perception of South Africa – Pre & Post World Cup   
Grail Research Report
Examines the impact global events, such as the World Cup, can have on brand perceptions and highlights the use of new and effective platforms to collect and analyze information
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - Changing Global Perceptions   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of the change in global perception of South Africa as the 2010 FIFA World Cup host nation. Comparison between March 2009 and March 2010 findings
Mobile Payment Opportunity in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) Region   
Grail Research Report
Examines the Mobile Payment (M-Payment) market in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and reveals opportunity for new and existing players to create and capture value through a number of different business models
New and Unique Innovations in the Beauty Market   
Grail Research Report
Explores some of the more unique trends that taking place in the Beauty market with a specific focus on the U.S.
Oncology - Changing Market Dynamics   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of recent events indicating a changing oncology market dynamic
Technology Finds Its Voice   
Grail Research Report
Timeline overview of voice recognition technology and recent advancements that are driving this technology to be more prevalent in everyday life
Middle East Packaged Foods Market – The Iraq Opportunity   
Grail Research Report
Brief overview of the packaged foods market in the Middle East and investment opportunity in the biscuits and salty snacks categories in Iraq
Conducting Surveys on the Mobile Platform in Developing Nations – A Pilot in Saudi Arabia   
Grail Research Report
Examines the benefits and limitations of using the mobile platform for survey research in developing nations, and shares results from a pilot mobile phone study conducted in Saudi Arabia
The Green Revolution   
Grail Research Report
The report is based on a nationwide survey of U.S. consumers and provides new insights into consumer preferences, behaviors and attitudes toward green products
The Rise of Medical Tourism   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of global trends and developments in medical tourism
The Global Fashion Industry – Growth in Emerging Markets   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of the global fashion industry and the new countries that are emerging as fashion hubs
Winning During and Post Recessionary Times   
Grail Research Report
Cross-sector historical analysis of choices companies made and their resulting performance during and after the last 7 recessions
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of key issues and opinions regarding the 2010 FIFA World Cup through online media
Global Trade Barriers –Q1 2009 Report   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of all major trade barrier announcements by G20 members and the EU as a trade body during the period January 1, 2008 through March 31, 2009
Mobile Phones in China: A Study of Nokia's Success   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of Nokia's success against competitors in China's mobile phone market
Online Media Analysis of Women's Skin Care Perceptions   
Grail Research Report
Summary of our study on women's blogs and discussion forums across India, the US and China
Health Information Technology: Analyzing the Impact of President Obama’s Stimulus Plan   
Grail Research Report
Analysis of the Obama administration’s USD 19 Bn plan for implementing HIT
Water - The India Story   
Grail Research Report
Study on the topic of water scarcity in India
Iranian Investments   
Grail Research Report
Observing a trend in Iranian economic deals during late 2008
Opportunities in the China Healthcare Sector   
Grail Research Report
How changes taking place in China are creating opportunities for companies in the healthcare sector
Global Financial Crisis   
Grail Research Report
Summary of the media's coverage of the timeline, causes, implications, impact and recommended path forward
Global Financial Crisis: Bailout Tracker   
Grail Research
Tracking Announcements of Financial Bailouts Worldwide
Impact of the Recession on the Luxury Goods Market   
Grail Research Report
Study of the impact of the recession on the Japanese luxury goods market, the largest in the world, and the steps brands are taking to combat this trend
China Luxury Goods Market   
Grail Research Report
An overview of the trends in China's consumer and luxury goods markets
Google Chrome - The Market's Initial Reaction   
Grail Research Report
Summary of research conducted in the first 9 days after Chrome's release
Weddings in China   
Grail Research Report
How the wedding occasion creates unique opportunities across a wide range of business sectors
Video: DNA Testing Becomes Mainstream   
Paul Boni, Chief Research Officer for Grail Research, discusses recent events and new regulation in genetic testing
Happy Hour on Fox Business, FOX Business Network, 5 May 2008
Food & Beverage Industry   
Sector Experience & Capabilities

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